Dancing the Gulf Coast Better

For close to ten years now, I’ve been DJing with a group of fantastic guys in Austin under the moniker “Soul Happening” formerly, WAXPLOITATION! The shows we do together are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to toot my own horn, I just see more people having nothing short of a blast at the shows, something I’m very proud of.

We figure it’s time we do some good because, well… we can. We should. So we’ve put together this show with our very bitter friends/enemies the Second Sunday Sock Hop. I hope to see you there.

Soul Happening vs SSSH Benefit 07-30-2010

Soul Happening vs Second Sunday Sock Hop Benefit 07-30-2010

The Battle for Soul Supremacy!!!
Soul Happening vs. Second Sunday Sock Hop
A Benefit for the Gulf

Friday July 30th, 2010
At The Mohawk – 912 Red River
Austin, Texas

Nobody is happy about the BP spill in the gulf. We’ve watched friends and family lose their way of life, their livelihood, all they know striped from them by a black plague of sorts. States on the Gulf of Mexico have always played an important role in our lives. Most, if not all of the record collections you hear at the two big soul nights in Austin seem to have a rather large percentage of singles from these areas. Gulf States artists like Eddie Bo and Little Beaver have been staples at Soul Happening and the Second Sunday Sock Hop since their inception and have worn out many a dance floor. When Mardi Gras comes around, the Sock Hop celebrates it to the fullest, putting on a decadent party every year. When Katrina’s dark waters ran amuck, Soul Happening held a benefit show playing nothing but Louisiana soul and funk. These lands provide the food we eat, the music we love and more culture and traditions than entire countries could dream about having. And now these lands need our help.

Though it may be BP’s foulest of fouls and their job to make this right, it’s our problem to live with. No matter what BP pays, no matter what they do, enough help won’t come soon enough and unfortunately for many, it might not come at all.

For as long as they’ve both existed, the Soul Happening and Second Sunday Sock Hop have competed. They both claim to be supreme at spinning soul tunes and hosting the grooviest dance nights, accompanied by the most enthusiastic and sharpest looking crowds. While the Soul Happening maintains the title for being the longest running soul night in Texas, and caters to a later 60’s-early 70’s, funkier side, the Sock Hop has been the only contender to give them a run for their money, focusing mostly on the later 50’s-early 60’s, R&B sound. Because both groups have a knack for unearthing the rarest and most dance-worthy vinyl ever cut, and because both can steer huge masses into self-induced, sweat-drenched exhaustion, they naturally hate each other’s guts. For 4 years now, the crews have each battled to be on top, and be crowned as hosting the best soul night in Austin. Monstrous egos have repeatedly clashed, even almost to the point of blatant violence. These dudes are seriously ready to scrap, and they will finally get to do just that.

We’ve decided to settle the score for once and all. We will set the stage for the ultimate battle for soul supremacy. At least our way, they can fight it out behind the turntables, as it should be, and all that the winning group will get is the glory. 100% of the profits from the show will be donated to charity, specifically helping Gulf area fisherman and other communities directly affected by the spill.

More info on selected charities can be found at:

Come out July 30th to the Mohawk and dance the Gulf better with Soul Happening and the Second Sunday Sock Hop. Special guest emcee for the night will be Rick Daddy, host of the KOOP show Excavation Nation. This will hands down, be the biggest production the two groups have ever attempted with loads of surprises through the night, so make sure to get there early!

6 DJs Battle it out with the rawest of R&B,
the funkiest of funk and the sweetest of soul 45s.

Soul Happening vs. Second Sunday Sock Hop
A Benefit for the Gulf

Friday July 30th, 2010
The Mohawk – 912 Red River
All ages – Doors at 9pm
21+ = $10 / Under = $15

For more information, check the websites:


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